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    The Maasai Communities live near the Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Traditionally, they have coexisted with wildlife and have a vast knowledge about their environment. With their population growing, combined with added pressure to sub-divide land and change traditional pastoralist ways of life, many Maasai youth are losing that strong connection to nature and their heritage.

    Gigi Cares is providing the funds to underwrite a year-long environmental education program for Maasai youth, ages 10 to 16. The program focuses on educating local youth on human & wildlife coexistence, sustainable resource usage, ecosystems, biodiversity, cultural traditions, art, and values of tourism. This will help spread awareness in their communities and empower them to better care for the natural environment around them. In addition, the program helps preserve and celebrate the Maasai communities' common heritage and traditions.

    To learn more, visit Maasai Cultural Heritage.